Top weekend activities for the whole family

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While trying to make weekends as fun and adventurous as possible, they should also not be too busy or stressful. Weekends are the only time we get to spend together as a family, with children going to school Monday to Friday and work taking up family time. It is vital that we spend quality time with our kids by planning family weekend activities in advance. Here are the top weekend activities that you can enjoy as a family.

Live sporting event

This is a great way to enjoy the perfect family time while out in the ballpark or stadium. Grab your team’s jersey, some snacks, and drinks, settle into your seat and cheer on your team. This can help develop your kids’ interest in sports while having fun at the same time.

Plan a picnic

With covid-19 restrictions, you can enjoy this summertime activity in your backyard Instead. Prepare sandwiches, fruits, potato chips, or anything you like and load them into your picnic basket. Bring everything else you may need, like a patio table, mat, or blanket on your lawn, and enjoy the fresh breeze.

Bake or cook together

Outdoor activities are great but don’t forget about the cold rainy days. Maximize fun in the kitchen as you teach your kids how to cook and Bake pie crusts and biscuits. Kids enjoy squishing the dough with their fingers. This also helps in developing their cooking skills.

Get busy with art

Art doesn’t have to be a complicated project. You can use any item that you can access and do a simple DIY project. Kids love to make anything that comes to mind. You can also take a walk to your Local Park or backyard and have your kids collect leaves. Paint the leaves and use them as homemade stamps. This can be a perfect chance to encourage your kids to be creative.

Go to the beach

There are a lot of fun activities you can engage in with your family at the beach, from building sandcastles, swimming, taking photos, or just chilling out and busk in the sun. Make sure you arrive early to avoid that bright, cranky sun and going back home with sunburned kids.

Go to the library

The library is a great place to add knowledge to your kids. Go to the library, borrow good books, return them and get new ones. Aside from being beneficial to your kids, it is also a fun activity to engage in with your family. You can also read out loud stories and tales to your kids during bedtime.

Visit the zoo

The zoo is a great place to test your kids’ animal knowledge. Visit each creature’s exhibit to familiarize your kids with different wild animals. Allow them to mingle and learn about the various environments and eating habits of wild animals. Don’t forget to take photos to fill your family photo album.

Go to the Amusement park

Amusement parks always have something for everyone. That means everyone can choose what they want to try out and have fun with. You can choose from the thrilling roller coaster, merry-go-round, or the family-friendly competition at the arcade. You can never run out of ideas in amusement parks!


Movies are a fun indoor activity that you can engage in with your family over the weekends. Even perfect for a cold rainy day activity. Pick G-rated movies like animations, prepare light snacks and beverages and get cozy on the couch. G-rated movies are entertaining even for adults and best for relaxing and enjoying quiet family time.

Don’t forget Magic Tricks

Little kids love magic tricks! Look up magic tricks on YouTube and put a show for them. This can also be a fun indoor activity to engage in as a family.

Try to make your weekends as much fun as possible, even when forced to remain indoors. Weekends are the best chance to bond as a family and learn more about each other. You don’t have to spend your day on the couch or see each other at the dinner table, but instead, come up with an activity you can all enjoy and create more memories.

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