The allergies to pets such as dogs or cats are quite frequent, resulting affected by it between 15 and 30% of the population about. On the other hand, allergic reactions to cats are more common than that of dogs, and this is due to a greater amount of secretions of substances that are allergenic to us. When these affect our immune system, a series of symptoms develop that indicate the existence of a possible allergy. Pay attention to the following article of a How to recognize them and know if you have a cat.

Steps to follow:

1. Those with a weaker and more sensitive immune system are more likely to develop cat allergy. It is important to clarify that, unlike what we can believe, the allergy to these animals is not mainly due to the hair, but to certain proteins found in saliva, urine, dead skin or dandruff and which may be allergenic substances for the people. When we come into contact with these allergens, either by direct contact or by air, the symptoms of cat allergy may appear.

2. One of the most common symptoms that may indicate that you suffer from cat allergy is rhinitis. Thus, it is common to notice the stuffy nose, itching, mucus and inability to stop sneezing continuously.

3. The eyes is another part that is most affected when we suffer from feline allergy. Symptoms such as tearing, redness, itching and burning eyes usually occur. Therefore, it is very important not to put your hands in your eyes after coming into contact with a cat without first washing them properly.

4. The pain and itching throat is another common signs that manifest and indicate a possible allergy to cats. In more severe cases, this sore throat can trigger lung problems such as asthma crisis, presenting a lot of cough and wheezing, that is, the emission of beeps that warn of expensive breathing.

5. Finally, the symptoms of cat allergy can also develop on the skin, especially if it has come into direct contact with the animal. Rash, hives, itching and swelling may appear on different parts of the body.

In case of manifesting any of the above symptoms it is important to visit your doctor to perform the appropriate tests and determine the type of allergy you suffer.

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