Top Baby Names for 2021

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Whether you are a first-time parent looking for the perfect baby name or a veteran parent just trying to find a name that works, hopefully, you can find some inspiration from this list. Here you will find baby names listed in alphabetical order and not necessarily by popularity.

Baby names


Aurora is a female-gendered name that originates from Latin, where it means dawn. A famous example of this name is Disney’s Princess Aurora in Sleeping Beauty. This name was ranked #3 among the most popular baby names of 2020.


Bennett is a gender-neutral name that means little blessed one in Latin. This name is most commonly seen as a surname, but it definitely works as a first name. Some celebrities with this name include Joan Bennett, Beck Bennett, and Bennett Cerf. Bennett ranked #82 as the most popular baby name in 2020.


Chloe is typically a female name and has Greek origins. In Greek, Chloe means verdant and blooming. The alternative spelling of this name is Khloe, made popular by celebrity Khloe Kardashian. Chloe was ranked #15 of the most popular baby names in recent years.
The name Delilah has a Hebrew origin and means delicate. This name is usually used as a female name. When I hear this name, the first thing I think of is the song “Hey There Delilah” by Plain White T’s. Delilah is currently ranked #55 among the most popular baby names.
Emma is a female-gendered name with a Latin origin. In Latin, Emma means universal. This name is very popular in the United States, ranking #3 most popular baby names. The name Emma is quite prevalent among American celebrities. For example, Emma Stone, Emma Roberts, Emma Watson, and Emma Thompson.


Finley is a gender-neutral name originating from Scotland. In Scottish culture, Finley means fair warrior or hero. A great nickname for Finley is Finn. If you are a Star Wars fan, there is a character named Finn in the most recent Star Wars trilogy. Finley is ranked #73 among the most popular baby names.


The name Gianna, typically used for females, is Italian and means God is gracious. This beautiful name is also the Italian feminine form of John. Gianna was ranked #12 in the United States for the most popular baby names of last year.


The name Hudson comes from the common English surname meaning son of Hudd. Although Hudson is a male-gendered name, it is most commonly seen as the surname of some famous American women like Kate Hudson and Jennifer Hudson. This name was ranked the 42nd most popular baby name in the United States in 2020.


The name Isabella is an Italian name that means God is my oath. This female name has lots of cute nickname options like Bella, Belle, Iz, or Izzy. In popular culture, Isabella can be seen as the full first name of Twilight character Bella Swan. Isabella was ranked #7 in America for baby names in 2020.


This classic English name originates from the surname Jameson meaning son of James. Jameson is most commonly used as a male name. An alternate spelling of this name is Jamisen. Jameson ranks #79 among the most popular baby names of 2020 in the United States.


Kayden is an alternate spelling of the name Kaden or Caden. This male-gendered name has American origins and means fighter. With so many different spelling options for this name, it has the potential to be as unique as you want it to be. The spelling, Kaden, ranked #39 most popular baby names in 2020.


The name Liam is a male-gendered name of Irish origin and means with gilded helmet. There are some very popular Liams among international celebrities. For example, Liam Payne from the band One Direction and actors Liam Neeson and Liam Hemsworth. Liam is currently ranked #1 most popular baby name in the United States right now.


This unique girl’s name has Slavic origins and means people’s favor. In popular American culture, the name Mila is most known by actress Mila Kunis. Mila can also be short for Ludmila. It is currently ranked #20 among the most popular baby names in America.


Nora is a female-gendered name of Irish origin and means honor. The name Nora was initially derived from the names Eleanora and Honora. One alternative spelling of Nora is Norah. It was ranked the 13th most popular baby name last year.


Oliver is commonly used as a male name. The name Oliver has an English origin and means descendant of the ancestor. People named Oliver are commonly nicknamed Ollie, but other nicknames include Ol and Oly. Oliver is ranked #3 in the United States for the most popular baby names in recent years.


The name Presley is a gender-neutral name. Presley has English origins and means the priest’s field. You may know this name as the surname of famous singer/actor Elvis Presley. Presley is ranked #213 among popular baby names of 2020 in America.


Quinn is another gender-neutral name on this list. The name Quinn has an Irish origin that means descendant of Conn. Quinn currently ranks #39 as the most popular baby name right now.


Riley is a gender-neutral name, coming from Ireland and means descendant of Roghallach. There are many different spellings of this name, allowing for more individuality. Riley is ranked #33 among the most popular names in the United States.


What you end up naming your baby is ultimately up to you and your partner, so don’t stress too much over the perfect name. Whatever you choose will suit your little one just fine. Hopefully, this list helped in your search or sparked your creativity.

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