How to Make Mondays Easier for Your kids

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Mondays mornings are worse for everyone. After a fun weekend, trying to get your kids up for school can be a drag. You have to ensure that they are up once the alarm goes off, prepare them for school and at the same time be busy in the kitchen preparing breakfast, which can make Monday mornings miserable for you. However, an extra motivation can help your kids have something to look forward to Mondays and enable them to tackle another week. Here are a few ideas to help you make Mondays easier for your kids.

Prepare a “Special breakfast”

What meal do your kids enjoy the most? Kids get pretty excited when they know something extra yummy is waiting for them at the breakfast table. Preparing their favorite meal or snack gets them moving pretty fast. For instance, if your kids enjoy cereal in the morning, prepare a special kind ahead of time. This can help turn your child’s attitude about Monday completely around.

Stick to early bed routine on Sunday

Getting enough sleep makes it easier to get up in the morning. After a long Sunday afternoon, prepare an early dinner and send your kids off to bed early. As difficult as it can be, try to get back to your weekly routine on Sundays to ensure that your child gets enough sleep come Monday morning.

Be positive

Children tend to pick their parent’s attitude towards everything, whether positive or negative. Expressing negativity about Mondays can make your children develop a negative attitude as well. They feel less anticipated about Mondays since they know there is absolutely nothing to look forward to but a dull Monday morning.

Use a reward system

Giving your kids rewards for any accomplished task is another great way to motivate your kids into getting up early for school. For instance, you can reward them for finishing homework, getting up early for school, performing well in school, brushing their teeth at appropriate times, finishing up chores, and many more. Ask them what type of reward they will enjoy, and make sure to fulfill your promise. You will find that they willingly get up for school and finish given tasks, knowing they will receive a reward.

Make Mondays fun

As you focus more on Monday mornings, think about how you can make the day better. Come up with a fun activity that can make your kids look forward to Mondays. For example, let your child pick a game they can play after school or cook their favorite dinner on Monday evenings. In short, try to make their Mondays more exciting, that they cannot wait for another Monday, come the end of the week.

Set weekly goals

A good way to look forward to another week is to be able to achieve the set goals. Set your targets and your child’s target for the coming week over the weekend and encourage them to embrace the week. You can create a chart where the two of you will write goals and make the goals achievable. For every goal achieved, reward your child. This enables your child to look at Mondays as the start of new beginnings.

Talk about the coming week

Another great way to get your kids excited about Mondays is if they know there is an event, holiday, and days-off coming up. Also, having plans for the coming week can make them more anticipated. Talk to them over the weekend and remind them of any upcoming events or holidays to have them look forward to the coming week. You can also mark calendars as a constant reminder of what’s coming.

Mondays can be made special if you want to. Start by planning ahead and make Monday mornings easy. For instance, prepare breakfast ahead of time and make weekly plans over the weekend. Even if your morning has started on a rough note, knowing that you’re half prepared can be relaxing. Also, remember that if you are optimistic about Monday mornings, your kids shall also pick a positive attitude. Mondays can be the start of something great or rough, depending on how you choose to view it. Try to be positive and make it as fun as possible for your kids.

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