Holiday Tips & Tricks to Keep Your Weight in Check – by Weight Watchers

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With the holiday season quickly approaching, many people are looking for tips and tricks to keep their weight in check. Overeating is a characteristic of the holiday season, and it can be difficult to make healthier decisions.

If you’re worried about keeping the extra weight off during this time of year, we have some excellent tips to help. This way you can still partake, but in a healthier way.

Focus on Veggies

An excellent way to fill up during seasonal feasts is to focus on vegetables first. If you eat more vegetables than portions of stuffing, meats, and fatty foods, you’re more likely not to overeat. Vegetables are also a healthier choice, as they contain plenty of nutrients while having fewer calories. It can also help you feel fuller for longer.

Moderation is Key

Whenever you’re at a holiday party or even celebrating the festive season at home, keep in mind that moderation is the key to keeping your weight in check. While indulgence every now and then won’t be an issue, going an entire season overindulging will cause weight gain. When you dish during dinner parties, ensure that your portion size is the same as what you’d typically eat.


Keep Active

While you’re spending precious time with family and friends, try making special memories while being active. It could be as easy as taking family walks, or you can look for fun activities in your area. You’ll often find races in which you can participate, depending on your region. There are also fun activities like ice-skating for which you can be on the lookout. Not only will this keep the family active, but it’ll also bring you closer together and create great festive memories.

Put the Treats Away

If you don’t constantly see treats, there’s a good likelihood that you won’t constantly eat these snacks. Keep healthy snacks out where you can see them while putting the unhealthier treats away. You can take these treats out whenever you have friends and family over and only snack on them during these times.

Control Your Stress

While the holidays can be a fun time, it’s often also stressful for many people. Unfortunately, stress also often causes overeating. By controlling your stress, you can control your portion sizes and snacks much easier.

Another issue that stress can cause is high cortisol levels, which is known to cause weight gain. Managing your stress effectively can help lower these cortisol levels, and in turn, it may be easier to lose weight or at least control it.

Focus in Favorites

Everyone has their favorite seasonal treats. It may be exceptionally difficult to pass by your favorite treats, especially if you only get them once a year. If you want to indulge in these favorites, you can do so. The key is to choose which unhealthy favorites you’re going to eat and which you will forego.

Track Your Calories


Keep track of your calorie intake through the use of an app or food diary. This can help you make decisions about your next meals and help you to plan effectively. While it’s not necessary to be extremely strict with this, you do want to enjoy the festive season, but it is good practice to see how you’re doing and if you should cut down a little.

Get Enough Sleep

The holidays can be a busy time, and often we don’t rest enough. Make sure that you get enough high-quality sleep to stay healthy. Sleep is essential for weight management. If you don’t get enough sleep, you’re more likely to gain weight as you’ll feel hungrier and tend to crave unhealthy foods.

Work a Diet Plan Into Your Holiday Plans

Working a diet plan into the holiday is an excellent way to stay mindful and make healthy choices. A program like Weight Watchers may be the perfect choice to help you make healthy choices during this time of year.

Weight Watchers offers a personalized weight loss plan, which includes tasty recipes. You can choose whether you want a coach to help you with your journey or whether you’re partaking in this journey on your own.

Having specific goals will help you make healthier choices during the holiday season. It’s also very effective if you have someone who helps keep you accountable for your food choices.

Weight Watchers can help you keep track of your food intake, exercise, and sleep, which are all essential aspects of weight management. The program can help and guide you to make the best choices for your weight loss journey.

Final Thoughts


If you’re serious about weight management during the holidays, there are some practical measures you can put into place to help you stay on track. One of these is working on a diet plan for your holiday festivities. A program like Weight Watchers teaches you to make healthier choices when most people feast on delicious and often unhealthy food.

It’s also essential to manage your stress and get enough sleep. Increased stress is a significant contributing factor to weight gain during the holidays, while not getting enough rest can cause you to feel hungrier and eat more.

Take control of your weight loss during these holidays with these practical weight management tips.

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