Simple Vegan Recipe for The Whole Family

Making delicious vegan food means that none of your family members will ever miss the meat. For a vegan family, the main challenge would be to explain to kids why they can’t eat chicken nuggets or the pepperoni pizza adored by their friends in school. In addition to explaining the health and environmental benefits of the vegan diet, you will need to utilize the best tools and ingredients to get your family to enjoy the vegan recipe.

Below are some of the simple plant-based recipes that the whole family will like.

Frankies- The recipe originates in India and comprises roasted Indian cauliflower, curry mashed potatoes, fresh spinach, pickled onions, and chickpeas. It is commonly referred to as a healthy Bombay Burrito with an additional cilantro mint chutney to enhance flavor.

Broccoli Cheddar soup– It’s a keto plant-based meal made with very little fuss on the stovetop or instant pot. The cheddar soup incorporates jalapeno making it vegan-adaptable and tasty. You only need to cozy up butternut squash risotto with leeks and spinach to get a gluten-free meal. Then drizzle the flavorful leek oil on the bowl of risotto to improve delicacy.

Crispy Quinoa cakes– Vegan cakes are a favorite option to add to your plant-based diet. This recipe omits flour, breadcrumbs, eggs and replaces them with tomato chickpea relish, which is healthy and delicious.

Portobello mushroom Burger– It’s an umami flavor option slathered with Asian-style guacamole and topped with crunchy carrot slaw and a cool cucumber ribbon salad. Veggie burgers never need to be boring with this recipe since the Portobello burger provides so much texture and flavor. Besides, the recipe’s health benefits to your family are really satisfying.

Sheet-pan Ratatouille– There are three common servings for this roasted recipe. You can serve the ratatouille over toast, pasta, or polenta. Simply make a big batch of the recipe and serve it for dinner throughout the week.

The Oaxacan Bowl – The spicy Mexican-style Oaxacan bowl comprises sweet peppers and roasted chipotle sweet potatoes tossed on top of warm black beans. You can top the bowl with avocado, toasted chipotle maple pecans, or crunchy cabbage slaw.

Creamy carrot Orecchiette– This recipe incorporates toasted bread crumbs and carrot top gremolata toppings. The recipe utilizes the whole carrot combining cheese and gourmet mac. The toppings provide an extra level of flavor that kids and adults will cherish.

Peruvian Burritos– The vegan recipe is filled with fresh corns, roasted sweet potato, creamy black beans, quinoa, and peppers, then drizzled with spicy Peruvian green sauce that boosts the flavor.

Vegan Pasta– The creamy recipe comprises canned artichoke hearts making it luscious, most delicious, and creamiest sauce. The vegan sauce takes less than three minutes to prepare as you only need to blend until the ingredients turn silky smooth. Then you warm the mixture and pouring in pasta. You have the option to add sunchokes or sauteed mushrooms if your family likes them.

The list of simple vegan recipes is endless, providing you with numerous alternatives to unhealthy diets that could take a lot of time and effort to prepare. The recipes highlighted above are not only nutritious but will take you very little time to prepare and serve.

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