Quick Exercises to do before Eating Big Holiday Meals

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Holidays are the time for gathering with the people that you care for and love. Are you used to getting the whole family together around grandma’s dinner table, or do you prefer a barbeque with friends in the park? Celebrating festive times always involves delicious foods. Usually, enough food to feed an army.

Can you taste the roasted lamb chops with smooth mashed potatoes or the beef brisket with onion and creamed brussels sprouts on the side? Only the thought of it puts a smile on your face and brings back sweet memories of joy and happiness.

Or does it? Is it possible that your memories are not so sweet? Do you have memories of a busted zipper on your jeans or your favorite little black dress that’s too little?

The rules for keeping yourself healthy during the holiday are the same as keeping healthy every day.

  • Stay hydrated by drinking enough water
  • Eat regular healthy meals
  • Don’t skimp on fruits and vegetables
  • Spoil yourself with things you may not eat every day, but don’t overindulge
  • Get enough sleep
  • Keep up a good exercise routine

While this is true, we all know that we’ll eat a little more than planned on a big holiday meal.

Be prepared and spend some time working out before the big holiday meal to speed up your metabolism and suppress hunger hormones.

A study found that doing exercise before a meal can reduce your calorie intake by 30%.

We’ve got the perfect pre-holiday-meal workout for you. You don’t have to go to the gym or even set one foot outside the front door. Put on some music and start doing the exercises.

Do each exercise for two minutes and repeat the circuit four times.

1. Cross Chops

Stand with your feet rotated a little outward and shoulder-width apart. Hold your hands together in front of you. Rotate your body to the left while you swing your hands over your left shoulder.

Swing your hands back across your body while rotating your whole body down to the right and bending your knees. Squeeze your abs and buttocks throughout the exercise. Inhale as you move up and exhale as you swing down.

Repeat for one minute to your left and one minute to your right side.

2. Inside Out Squats

Stand with your feet straight and shoulder-width apart. Lower your buttocks while you keep your heels on the ground. Look straight forward with your chest lifted. This position is known as a squat.

Jump up and turn around so you would land facing the opposite direction.

When you land, go down into a squat again.

Repeat for two minutes.

Note: If you find it difficult to jump, do regular squats without jumping.

3. Mountain Climber

Start the exercise in a plank position.

Lift your left knee to your right elbow and put it back on the ground.

Now lift your right knee to your left elbow and put it back on the ground.

Keep a good posture, and don’t swing too much. Keep your tummy and buttocks tucked in.

Repeat for two minutes.

4. Burpees

Start in the child’s pose position with your toes tucked in and your hands below your shoulders.

Push back with your legs so you would lie flat and keep your hands below your shoulders.

Jump up with your feet to land with your knees between your arms in a squat.

Stand up straight and reach up with your arms.

Return to the squat position and then into the child’s pose.

Repeat for two minutes.

5. Stretch & Crunch

Lie down on your back. Put your hands behind your ears, bend your knees, and keep your feet flat on the ground. Lift your head and your knees into a crunch. Make sure that you tuck in your tummy.

Swing your legs down to the ground and use the momentum to lift your upper body into a seated position. Your legs should be straight now.

Reach to your feet and stretch your hamstrings and back muscles. Hold this position for four seconds.

Lie back down and repeat the full exercise.

Repeat for two minutes.

This quick workout routine will not only boost your metabolism. It will also give you the satisfaction that you’ve been proactive by starting your holiday with a workout.

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