We’ve all been through those days when we feel exhausted, we can’t concentrate and we feel we don’t have enough energy to finish all the activities. We feel a general exhaustion so heavy that it stops us when it comes to doing the things we enjoy and we prefer to stop doing it completely. The positive is that we have endless energy boosters around us, you just have to know how to take advantage of them. Here we will explain the most effective to increase your daily energy.

The rest is sacred

With a busy life in which we always have many things to do, we tend to downplay the quantity and quality of rest. Going to bed late, falling asleep watching TV and with the mobile in our hand affects our energy in an important way. Try to go to bed at the same time every night without distractions around to ensure a deeper and more conciliatory sleep. In this way, if you do not get to bed early, at least you will ensure that the quality of sleep will be superior and you will feel rested.

You are what you eat

There are certain foods that boost our energy because they contain nutrients that our body needs and often does not have enough:

  • Omega-3: include salmon, trout, spinach, broccoli, almonds and nuts as a snack in your diet,
  • Dark Chocolate:Eat one or two pieces of dark chocolate in the middle of the morning. The iron and magnesium it contains will make you feel refreshed.
  • Banana:A little of this fruit with breakfast stabilizes sugar levels and will give you the high you need.
  • Citrus:Add oranges, lemon and tangerines to your market list, the vitamin C it contains will help your immune system.
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