Healthy Candy Alternative

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It’s Saturday night and you’re lounging on the couch watching your favorite TV show… when you suddenly have an intense craving for something SWEET. In the next hour you proceed to have an internal debate with yourself as to why you should absolutely NOT give in and grab that bag of candy in the panty. That heavenly bag of sweets would have loads of processed sugar and artificial flavors that you KNOW you will regret!

Eating sugar, especially processed sugars, can cause your blood glucose levels to spike and crash. This is particularly damaging right before bed because it can invoke night sweats, nightmares, and/or sleep apnea.

Additionally, sugar stimulates your appetite and cravings. A few pieces of sweets can turn into a full-on late night binge–something we are all too familiar with.

Why take that risk when you have a much healthier alternative?

CandyCan has only 2 grams of sugar, sweetened with Monkfruit and Stevia, with 60 calories for the entire bag. They are made with non-GMO soluble corn fiber, which helps prevent your stomach from bloating, so your gut can keep on keeping on!

There are 3 types of bags you can try out:

It only costs $5/per bag with FREE SHIPPING.

And guys… these gummies are absolutely delicious. (The reviews speak for themselves!)

So what are you waiting for? Order Now!

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