Pain is something that affects every single one of us. From minor cuts and bruises to migraines and backaches, pain is a struggle we all deal with. It can often persist, prohibiting us from doing the activities we love and being productive.

There are dozens of methods to help relieve pain, although many find them less useful than others. One method to lessen pain may not necessarily work for every person. One alternative to common remedies and medicines is CBD oil.

What Is CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol, more commonly referred to as CBD oil, is a product that directly originates from cannabis. However, CBD oil does not cause a “high” feeling. That feeling comes from THC in marijuana plants. The CBD oil’s benefits are its pain and stress relief, and serotonin boost in the brain’s receptors.

You can apply CBD oil in several ways. This includes dropping some oil underneath your tongue, rubbing the oil into the area affected by pain, or inhaling the oil through vapor.

CBD Oil and Pain Relief

One of the most effective uses of CBD oil is to treat types of inflammation. In 2016, the European Journal of Pain underwent animal testing to discover the benefits of CBD oil. They were searching for a way to help manage arthritis pain. After applying a CBD gel for four consecutive days, researchers saw a considerable drop in inflammation and pain levels. They accomplished this all without any side effects transpiring.

CBD oil can also be used to help chronic pain to subside. Research shows that CBD oil causes a reduction in chronic pain among adults. A substantial amount of evidence insists that adults won’t build an immunity to the effects of CBD. Over time, this means it won’t be necessary to increase the dosage to keep results consistent.

Other evidence of the effects of CBD oil show it can be effective against multiple sclerosis (MS). MS is an autoimmune condition that affects the entire body through the nervous system and brain. Its most common symptom is muscle spasms, which can cause an unbearable amount of pain. One report showed that short-term use of CBD could be beneficial in reducing the frequency of muscle spasms.

Types of CBD Oil

There are three total types of CBD oil. They differ based on their components and provide options depending on your needs. So what are the differences between the three? We’re going to give you the essential details so you can have a better understanding.


Full-spectrum CBD has the most components of the three types and is the most common CBD oil. It’s inclusive of more than just cannabidiol. This oil is also made up of CBDA, CBG, CBA, and trace amounts of THC; these are known as cannabinoids.

Minor levels of THC stand at less than 0.3%, so you’ll never feel the full effects of it. The benefits of full-spectrum CBD oil are that the other cannabinoids help bolster CBD, creating a well-rounded impact. It’s the recommended CBD oil for most beginners.

Broad-Spectrum CBD

Broad-spectrum CBD is quite similar to full-spectrum CBD. It also contains other cannabinoids. However, all of the THC is removed from the mix. If you have any concerns over the THC amounts in full-spectrum, this is probably the choice for you.

It should also be noted that the lack of THC can reduce the effectiveness of CBD oil.

CBD Isolate

CBD isolate is entirely separate from both full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD. CBD isolate has no other cannabinoids in it. It’s pure CBD. The benefits of CBD isolate are that it’s incredibly powerful due to the amount of CBD. It’s often recommended for those with insomnia, as it can have a tiring effect on the user.

There are plenty of benefits to trying CBD oil. From pain relief to stress management, as well as other health benefits. CBD is a truly unique and effective method to help relieve the discomforts life throws at you.

CBD is entirely legal and is most commonly purchased online or at local CBD specialist retailers. When painkillers and other medicines fail you, the all-natural CBD oil could be your saving grace. It’s a potential eliminator for your headaches, back pain, and everything in between; CBD oil has a use for everyone.